LABEL MATRIX - Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) 1-User

LABEL MATRIX - Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) 1-User
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Price: $129.00
Product ID : SMALMSNG11Y



LABEL MATRIX  Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Single User - One Year - Electronic Delivery

When you purchase a TEKLYNX Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you maximize your software investment by lowering your overall costs, have access to the latest features and functions of the software, and receive priority treatment for technical support for the next 12 months.

Lower your Overall Cost
TEKLYNX continually improves the features and capabilities of its software solutions. Instead of having to pay full price for these enhancements, you get free software version upgrades, updates, and technical support. These cost savings alone will exceed the initial investment of an SMA! SMAs can be purchased in 3- and 5-year versions to maximize your savings.

Benefits of a full year SMA:

  • One free monthly webinar ($100 value) per year
  • Unlimited access to technical support for label design products (priceless) **
  • Free version upgrades and updates *
  • Electronic training guides (a $69 value)
  • Access to hundreds of downloadable compliance label samples
  • Online tools, such as a knowledge base and other convenient downloads

Version upgrades include updating a software title from a previous version to a new version, such as upgrading from LABEL MATRIX 2015 PowerPro to LABEL MATRIX 2018 PowerPro. Product upgrades, such as a change to a new level or edition within the same major version (for example, changing from LABELVIEW Pro to LABELVIEW Gold) are not included.

** Unlimited technical support applies to label design products. TEKLYNX CENTRAL, SENTINEL, BACKTRACK and LABEL ARCHIVE require separate support contracts.